Start Here in the Media



“…the best that aspiring teachers can do is to choose one of the programs that are highly rated in Start Here…”

- Natalie Wexler

Fordham Institute

“…Start Here to Become a Teacher is a college guidebook, aimed at high school students setting their sights on a career in the classroom, steering them toward the schools and programs that will leave them best prepared to succeed upon entering the teaching workforce. It’s an interesting and creative repackaging of the organization’s rich trove of data on over 2,400 teacher prep programs, and one that conceivably could drive demand for admissions. Well played, NCTQ .” - Robert Pondiscio

Fordham Institute

“This guidebook offers aspiring teachers a thorough look under the hood of teacher preparation. So thorough, in fact, that it even covers the ineffable: the reasons why teachers choose to become teachers. That’s how you know this is the real deal.” - Jessica Poiner

Policy Innovators

in Education (PIE)

“In order to be ready to teach on day one, future teachers need subject knowledge, practice, and professional knowledge. Start Here to Become a Teacher provides a look at the profession from great teachers, and much-needed insights into programs that will set their graduates up for success in the classroom.” - Eric Eagon